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No matter how often we wash our hands, whenever we touch our phone again we are again exposed to pathogens. Shouldn't we clean our phone as thoroughly as we wash our hands? 

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6 minutes of high-intensity UV-C blasting is enough to sanitize your phone safely. You can also charge your phone while sanitizing!

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LightWipe uses the same UV-C light technology as that currently used to sanitize hospitals in the U.S. and China. 

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 Take advantage of LightWipe's technology and benefit yourself and your loved ones with a fuller cleaning experience

"With health crises such as the one we are living, having this sanitizing device at home is a great option"

Mark Stephens, CT

"We rarely stop to realize that our phone should be cleaned at least as much as we clean (wash) our hands"

Cindy Thomson, CA

"Bought the LightWipe after consiering how often I touch my phone, and was concerned about how to best clean it"

Anthony, Belgium